About Us

Strap Flap LLC. was founded on these few basic principles.

Quality Products

Make the best quality products that we would be happy to use and sell

Quality Materials

Use the highest quality materials available

Made In USA

Manufactured completely within the USA


Continue to work on solving everyday problems with affordable solutions

The story of our beginning is not much different than almost every other product beginning out there. It started with an ongoing problem that wasn’t even recognized fully until a moment of inspiration struck.

It all began one very snowy day. I found myself in a very familiar situation, needing to transport equipment from one location to another. Usually this is a simple task; Load the equipment, strap it down and drive to our destination. But occasionally, sometimes more than we like to admit. We find ourselves performing this task in weather that is less than ideal, making the task of tying the excess strapping a real pain. This was one of those days. The snow was such that tape wouldn’t stick, and the straps would not stay put. After more than a few unscheduled stops, trying different methods, frustration set in. I decided to allow the excess flap around, knowing full well that they would need to be replaced because of the undue wear. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately depending on how you look at it. One of the loose ends found its way under the trailer tire. This caused the strap holding the equipment to break, and the load to shift. So now I was on the side of the road, in less than favorable conditions trying to reset the load and once again strap it down. Knowing full well that I would be dealing with the same situation of retying the excess strapping every few miles. That’s when the first rendition of the Strap Flap hit me, and I made the first one right there. It wasn’t perfect, but it did the job. While stopping for fuel, another driver seen the way that my straps were tied. “Hell of an idea” was the only words that he said. And the company began.

Like many of you, I use ratchet straps very frequently. They are a perfect way of making sure that the loads we are transporting, stay in place. But they can also be a pain in the rear.


We come up with ways to store them when not in use;

  • Usually they become tangled with each other or anything else nearby
  • They are rarely ready to use from the moment they are grabbed
  • If stored separately to avoid the above, this usually takes up valuable cargo space

We all have our ways of taking care of the excess strapping while they are in use. But until now these ways included;

  • The time-consuming art of wrapping the strap on whatever we can until there is no more to fly around
  • Then there is the all time fix for everything… Duct tape, but as those of you who’ve used this method know. It leaves a sticky mess
  • And of course, there’s the one that I personally hate the most… Zip ties. These wonderful little plastic strips do work throughout all weather situations (and, to be honest. If I would have had any with me that day, I would never have come up with Strap Flap). The problem with zip ties though, is that they cause undue wear on the ratchet straps. If put on too tight, they cut the edges. If put on too loose, they cut the edges.

How using the Strap Flap can help with these issues:

  • With a simple hook and latch, your ratchet straps are wrapped securely and individually so they will never tangle with anything else
  • The ratchet straps can be stored right after use without resizing, so they are ready to use immediately saving time
  • There is no need for a special storage location, as your ratchet straps will never become tangled again
  • When using your ratchet straps, it only takes a quick one-handed motion to attach the Strap Flap. Securing that excess strap quick and easily with no worries that it will ever come undone

The Strap Flap can be used on many products besides your ratchet straps, these include:

  • Chains
  • Rope
  • Extension cords
  • Garden Hoses
  • Fencing
  • Cords on power tools
  • Towing or lifting straps
  • Using as many as needed, you can create whatever size cargo netting needed for every unique situation
  • And many more… (I look forward to hearing about how you use them)

From the beginning, our commitment to making our products durable and long lasting has been at the forefront of every decision made. Every material used in the construction has been chosen on that premise. Every piece of metal is made from stainless steel so there will never be any corrosion. The cording used is UV and weather resistant marine grade cording. Every plastic part has been molded from UV and weather resistant polymers.